Social Media Strategy

Through the class of E marketing strategy, we have been assigned a project every group and we have to come up with a social media strategy for that company. We are presently working on “Live to be restored”, an adult adoption focussed organisation that wants to help the adult adoptees. 

Such a sensitive topic to be dealing with, i was amazed at the courage Kathy had to put forward her ideas and willing to blog about various topics under the “Adoption” category. I personally feel good to be able to give my inputs and my ideas to bring this organisation up on its feet. It was a rather warm Monday afternoon, when we decided to go meet with her and speak about the whole project. With a slightly vague plan in her mind we decided to structure that and give her the best chance to spreading awareness to the public and reach out to the people seeking this help. 

We are working on a Listen, Join, Shape model of strategy that will give her ample of things to keep her busy in her 15hour/week schedule for “Live to be restore”. I urge everyone to support this cause on facebook, linkedin and twitter. This can be a good beginning. I will keep this updated with our strategy proposed…..Image

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